Videos offer tips to parents for skills teens need to be prepared for college and careers


image.pngSan Francisco Bay Area, CA, February 4, 2016 — GreatSchools, a national nonprofit organization that helps parents guide their children to successful futures, launched a free, new resource today for parents to help get their teen ready for life in the “real world.”  A series of 13 short videos, The High School Milestones video collection, produced in partnership with Bay Area-based Summit Public Schools,  demonstrates vital communication, academic, and life skills that all high schoolers need to learn real-life skills. Each video, in English and Spanish, is three minutes or less.

“The High School Milestones videos are an important resource because we often hear about ‘21st century skills’ or ‘college readiness,’ but it can be difficult to understand exactly what that looks like in practice. The standards and expectations can sometimes be difficult to visualize,” says Kyle Moyer, academic program manager at Summit Public Schools. “These videos show what critical skills look like and give a set of recommendations for specific ways that all parents can engage their children to develop and grow.”

GreatSchools and Summit worked with teachers, curriculum developers — including the developers of the Common Core curriculum — as well as input from expert research on college readiness to produce easy-to-understand scenarios with practical tips.

“It’s difficult to know how to help a high schooler, and frankly, their homework can sometimes be intimidating for parents,” says Bill Jackson, CEO of GreatSchools. “But videos like, The 1 key skill guaranteed to raise grades and reduce stress, and The surprising math skill that prepares teens for life offer parents easy and powerful ways to talk to their teen about how to succeed in school.”

The High School Milestones video collection is paired with relevant articles and practical advice from the GreatKids Road to College resource center, a collection of information every parent can use to navigate how to help their teen access and pay for college. Funding for development of High School Milestones was provided by Carnegie Corporation of New York.

About GreatSchools

Founded in 1998, GreatSchools is a national, nonpartisan nonprofit helping millions of parents find high-quality schools, support great learning, and guide their kids to great futures. GreatSchools offers thousands of articles, videos, and worksheets to help parents support their children’s learning. Last year, GreatSchools had more than 56 million unique visitors, including more than half of all U.S. families with school-age children. Headquartered in Oakland, California, GreatSchools partners with cities and states across the country to promote access to school quality data to families, particularly those in high need. Through its GreatKids program, GreatSchools  promotes parenting for education success and teacher-parent collaboration.

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