California State Test Scores Aligned to Common Core Released Today

Tool to Explain Test Results & Provide Learning Tips to Parents Released by National Non-profit Education Organization

September 9, 2015 — Oakland, CA — With today’s release of California state test scores tied to Common Core State Standards, GreatSchools, a national nonprofit helping millions of parents support learning, launches the GreatKids California State Test Guide for Parents, an innovative tool designed to help parents and teachers understand the new scores and use them to support kids’ learning.

“The GreatKids Test Guide for Parents will help California parents and teachers bolster their children’s learning,” said Alyson Brauning, Vacaville Teachers Association Vice-President, middle school teacher and parent of a 6th and 11th grader. Sam Blanco III, member of Woodland, CA’s Joint Unified School District school board and father of 7th and 11th graders said, “It’s so very important for me as a school board member and parent to understand not only what these scores mean for our kids, but how we can use them to help them master school curriculum.”

California is part of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC), which has developed new tests tied to the Common Core State Standards. Today, the California Department of Education releases statewide scores from the SBAC tests taken by California schoolchildren last spring. Over the next few weeks, parents in the state will be receiving their own children’s results on the tests. Parents are likely to have many questions, including: What was my child being tested on? If my child did not meet a standard, why not? And perhaps most important: How can I use these test results to help my child do better in school?

“We aim to support California parents and teachers by breaking down what these scores mean for their kids and helping them support their children in school,” said Bill Jackson, CEO and founder of GreatSchools. “Parents might wonder how to respond when receiving their children’s results,” continued Jackson. “Our guide demystifies the scores so teachers can explain them to parents and parents can discover simple, powerful ways they can support their children’s academic success.”

Created in collaboration with assessment designers, teachers, parents and community organizations, the GreatKids California State Test Guide for Parents is designed to answer these questions and more. Guide content was informed by best practices in parenting for education success and has been carefully vetted by education experts.

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