GreatSchools Printed School Guide Helps Indianapolis Parents Find Quality Schools printed and online guide helps parents
find the right fit school for their child

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, June 16, 2015: Today, Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard and GreatSchools announces its annual distribution of the city’s school guide for the 2015-16 school year which compliments the website.  The printed guide and website continues to provide Indianapolis families a one stop shop to gain in-depth information such as AP offerings, before and after school care, school clubs, sports and organizations, to help with the selection of a school that will fit the needs and preferences of their children.

Mayor Ballard will be joined by GreatSchools Senior Director of Local Engagement, Jodi Goldberg and Jackie Nytes of the Indianapolis Central Library today to discuss the importance of providing school information resources for parents. Last year, over 10,000 families in Indianapolis used the printed guide to support their school selection and Indianapolis has the highest number of families using compared to all other GreatSchools partner cities. The mayor’s Office of Education Innovation collaborated with more than 180 community partners and organizations to ensure this information gets in the hands of Indianapolis residents.

“We are excited to continue our partnership with Mayor Ballard and the City of Indianapolis to offer families a valuable resource to help them find schools that best fit the needs of their children,” said GreatSchools founder and CEO Bill Jackson. “GreatSchools strives to make it easier and more accessible for parents to get a great education for their child.”

The online guide at offers innovative filters to help narrow down the school search for families. Parents have the ability to discover schools by searching for transportation services, programs and extracurricular activities.  The partnership with Mayor Ballard and the City of Indianapolis builds on GreatSchools’ longstanding work to help parents make well-informed decisions about their children’s education.

About GreatSchools

Founded in 1998, GreatSchools is a national nonpartisan nonprofit that helps millions of parents find great schools, support great learning, and guide their kids to great futures.  The Webby award-winning website,, is the nation’s leading guide to preK-12 schools, with profiles of about 200,000 public and private schools and more than one million ratings and reviews by parents, teachers, and students.  In addition, GreatSchools offers thousands of articles, videos, and worksheets to help parents support their children’s learning.  Last year, GreatSchools had more than 59 million unique visitors, including more than half of all U.S. families with school-age children.  Headquartered in Oakland, California, GreatSchools partners with cities and states across the country.

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GreatSchools is the leading nonprofit providing high-quality information that supports parents pursuing a great education for their child, schools striving for excellence, and communities working to diminish inequities in education. We are the only national organization that collects and analyzes data from all 51 state departments of education and the federal government to provide analysis, insights, and school quality ratings for parents, partners, researchers, and policymakers. Over 49 million users visit GreatSchools’ award-winning website annually to learn about schools in their area, explore research insights, and access thousands of free, evidence-based parenting resources to support their child’s learning and well-being.

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