Nearly 4 in 10 GreatSchools users unfamiliar with Common Core State Standards

San Francisco, November 15, 2013 — Almost 4 in 10 users of are “not at all familiar” with the new Common Core State Standards, according to a recent online survey of parents, teachers and others using the popular website. While 38% of users said they were unfamiliar with the new standards, 32% said they were either extremely familiar (19%) or very familiar (13%).

However, a majority (52%) of GreatSchools users who are familiar with the Common Core State Standards said they felt positive about adoption of the standards (27% very positive, 25% somewhat positive) while 27% said they felt negative (17% very negative, 10% somewhat negative).

“This survey clearly shows that parents and the public need more information about the new Common Core State Standards,” said GreatSchools CEO and Founder Bill Jackson. “Parents want to understand what the new standards will mean for their children and their schools.”

The nation’s leading independent online and mobile source of education information for parents, GreatSchools is developing articles, videos and tools to help parents explore the new Common Core State Standards and the changes these new standards may bring to their children’s classrooms. GreatSchools’ K-5 reading, writing and math worksheets are also tagged to the Common Core State Standards to help parents and teachers find standards-related learning materials for kids.

“GreatSchools has always been a proponent of high standards. We know from research that high expectations from adults help children succeed — in the classroom and at home,” Jackson said. “We’re working to introduce parents to the Common Core State Standards and to show them what it looks like for children to be on track relative to the standards at each grade level.”



The survey appeared online to a random sample of users on from October 7-9, 2013. Question 1 (“How familiar are you with the Common Core State Standards initiative?”) was answered by 1,255 users, and question 2 (“How do you feel about the adoption of the Common Core State Standards in K-12 schools?”) was answered by 602 users. Question 2 was asked only of respondents who reported any familiarity with the Common Core State Standards in question 1. Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding. Margins of error are as follows:
Question 1: +/- 3 percentage points at a 95% confidence interval.
Question 2: +/- 4 percentage points at a 95% confidence interval.

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