GreatSchools Unveils New Data on School District Finances

Data can help parents and policymakers advocate for more equitable spending

OAKLAND, CA (December 12, 2019), a national nonprofit empowering parents with information to unlock educational opportunities for their children, is proud to unveil new data on individual school districts’ revenue and spending. With this update, parents can better understand how a school district allocates its funds and take action to ensure that resources are allocated more equitably. Continue reading “”

Communities celebrate College Success Award to kick-off the new school year

High schools in Oklahoma, Texas and Connecticut go above and beyond to show their spirit and school pride in winning the 2019 GreatSchools College Success Award.

OAKLAND, CA (October 18, 2019) — Today, announced the winners of the Celebrating College Success social media contest for 2019 GreatSchools College Success Award-winning high schools. In May 2019, 1,722 public high schools across the country were honored and celebrated for excelling in preparing their students for college and ultimately careers.[1] The four contest winners exhibited creativity, community involvement, and the spirit of college success. Continue reading “”

Lloyd: This Year, 1,722 High Schools Are Receiving College Success Awards. Meet 5 of the Winners Helping Their Low-Income Students Thrive

By Carol Lloyd and originally published on The 74.

OAKLAND, CA (May 2, 2019) — “It was always arguments, drama, fighting,” Lashawn Pettaway Polen says of his previous school. “If I did more [schoolwork] … I would become a target.” Eight years ago, his mother transferred him to North Star Academy, an Uncommon Schools charter school in downtown Newark. This spring, the high school senior will graduate with eight Advanced Placement classes under his belt and a plan: “I want to major in psychology and become a child psychologist.” Continue reading “”

Unique Award Honors 12 Percent of High Schools in 25 States that Prepare Students for College Success’s college success award elevates schools committed to the success of children from low-income families.

OAKLAND, CA (May 2, 2019) — is proud to announce the winners of the 2019 College Success Award, which recognizes and celebrates 1,722 high schools in 25 states around the country that excel in ensuring students are prepared for college and ultimately careers. [1] These schools successfully graduate students who are prepared for college-level courses, enroll in two- or four-year colleges and persist into their second year, according to available data from each state.” Continue reading “”


New report from reveals whether or not states are providing easy access to high-quality education data

Education data transparency varies widely across the U.S.; Michigan, Massachusetts, and Georgia top state rankings.

OAKLAND, CA (March 7, 2019) — Access to education data can help parents, educators, policymakers, researchers, and advocates understand how our schools are educating our children and preparing them for a successful future. The data can uncover successes to celebrate and learn from; it can also reveal gaps where improvements may be desperately needed. Yet there is a wide variation in how states provide this important information about our public schools. Today, released a new report, “Finding the Data: A State-by-State Assessment of Education Data Transparency.” Continue reading “”